Winter Surf check at Compton Bay by Jason Swain. We’ve all been there, driven all the way to Compton Bay, and no matter how long you look at it, the swell’s just not picking up and its so cold that the knee high glassy peelers just cant tempt you in. If it was the middle of August you’d be in on a longboard, crouching down and trying to get little head-dip barrels, but the surf needs to have a bit of power and size on the coldest days, to make the pain of frozen fingers and toes worthwhile.

But as it was a really clear and beautiful winters morning, and i’d already risked life and limb getting there on roads that were covered in ice in a few of the shady places on the way, and i didnt want to go home empty-handed, I hung around and had a little play with the 50mm f1.2L lens in the winter sunshine, trying to see if I could break my addiction to the Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle when out and about shooting landscapes.

Anyway, enough talking, here’s a few photos from yesterday mornings failed surf check, no waves to speak off, and no clouds (so two of my favourite things to photograph are missing already) but a few impressions from a lovely winters day at the beach on the Isle of Wight. My favourites are the ones shot into the sun, overexposed and breaking all the rules, lots of things wrong with them technically, but i like the result as they capture the mood of the morning more than any others. Hope you like them too.

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