The last swell of a long Winter on the Isle of Wight? by Jason Swain.  I don’t know about you, but for me the winter of 2013 seemed like it would never end, and whilst for most people in the UK that was seen as very bad thing, but for surfers here on the Isle of Wight we couldn’t believe our luck as each new swell arrived  and pummelled our shores. It went on so long we began to take it for granted and its only now after a few weeks of calm seas and no waves that it’s finally dawned on me, its over, and summer is here, I’ve even got shorts and flip-flops on today, it must be true.

So Just two weeks ago, in mid april, the last big swell was here and pretty much everyone going in was still wearing their 5mm winter wetsuits with hats, and boots and gloves!

This is a little photo blog from one of the last days at Compton, no spectacular surfing photos from this day though (see the blog before this one for plenty of those), you could barely see out back, and no one was having much joy out there anyway in the shifty and fickly peaks on offer. These photos are more about the moments before going in, those last minutes of contemplation when you get your mind ready for what you’re about to do (mostly get closeout sets on the head). Well mostly its about those moments, i couldn’t resist chucking in a few surfing shots (and wipeouts) as Lee Webster and Nigel Howell and Jamie King had a go.

‘The last swell of a long Winter on the Isle of Wight’ photo gallery

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