I may have said it once or twice about photos in the past, but if you don’t hit ‘L” and see this a bit bigger on black you’re not really getting the full blast, actually what i should do is deliver a 12 foot canvas to each and every viewer to really appreciate it, but logistically speaking it might just be easier if you all went to Cornwall and found yourself a big empty beach instead?

Slightly insane in the membrane here this morning, the colic thing isn’t going away yet despite the millions of wonderful suggestions for which we are very grateful. Actually we’re still working our way through the ideas, but i can report that white noise (in various shapes and forms from iphone apps to hair-dryers) can be a useful distraction at times and that infacol, dentinox and colief don’t seem to be making much difference at all except for demonstrating how pharmaceutical companies can charge a surprisingly large amount of money for such tiny bottles of stuff.

We’ve also had a recommendation to try out cranial oestheopathy, and might just give it a go, although the sceptic in me immediately looked it up and found it referenced on badscience.net and wikipedia as having no proven basis in medicine, there is a ton of anecdotal evidence out there from parents who swear it worked for them, and at this stage, thats good enough for me to want to try it.

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