UK Surf photography

By Jason Swain

So i’ve finally had a chance to get out and shoot some surfing at Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight again. Finally a chance to test out the Sigma 50-500mm telephoto lens in action. I got the lens with UK Surf photography in mind almost a year ago now, and I have barely had a chance to photograph any waves with it till the last few days!

Freshwater bay looked pretty bumpy and back-washy as the high tide pushed in. Far from ideal for surfing, but a talented bunch of locals, including Sam Scadgell, Chris Mannion and Tom Court made the best of the conditions available on the day, and it actually looks pretty good now that you cant see the close-outs and drop-ins.

As for the lens, well i wouldn’t be without it now, the extra reach that the 500mm gives me is invaluable and the focus is always more than fast enough to keep up with the surf action. The results are here for you to judge for yourself, i’m always open to feedback and criticism.


Surfing at Freshwater Bay, 1/11/2011 – Images by jason swain
UK Surf Photography.