Surfing on the Isle of Wight – YSHBHY #5 by Jason Swain (Alt title = You should have been here yesterday in February 2010!)

So, its January 2013 now, nearly three years later, and I’ve finally found the time to go back and have a look at all the shots i took over 5 days of glorious surfing on the Isle of Wight back in February 2010. And I’ve managed to find a few hidden gems that got overlooked at the time! All the action was shot at Freshwater Bay with just about perfect overhead swells in offshore winds, i dont think we’ve had such a long run of clean powerful surf since. I didnt have my big Sigma telephoto or the Canon 7d back then, these were all caught with the Canon 400d ans Sigma 70-300mm lens. The only good news in that respect is that at least i was shooting RAW at the time, so i’ve been able to go back now with Lightroom 4 and rescue a few dodgy exposures. I’ve tried hard to avoid duplication from photos I posted before, although there are plenty of ‘similars’ being taken a few seconds before or after some of the ones shared last time round.

Local surfers that i think were out there at the time and in some of the shots include, Ian Pacey, Scott Gardener, Al Reed, Will Rome, Jo Truman, Nigel, Mark New, Clive Trevor Guy, Lee Webster and plenty of others who i cant quite name or recognise now (let me know if you see yourself in any)

Surfing on the Isle of Wight photo gallery (42 images)

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