Shooting from the Cliffs – Surf photography at Freshwater Bay by Jason Swain. I stopped by at Freshwater Bay on my way home from indoor cricket last Sunday to do a quick surf check and spotted two very lucky people in the sea, who were the only ones out there just as the winds died down enough to let a few nice waves through. I didn’t shoot from either of my normal spots in the bay (or even on the rocks by the cabbage patch) as i wanted to see how well the 500mm would work from the cliffs on the left hand side over by the Stag Rock. Take a look at the results and let me know what you think? I like the angle, more down the throat of the wave, but obviously you cant get as close to the action from up there. Found out later it was one of my mates and another of the Freshwater indoor cricket team Sam Scadgell who was one of the lucky two!

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