A little photo blog featuring an unknown SUP at Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight earlier this week by Jason Swain.

I spent a few hours at the bay on Monday waiting for the tide to drop and the right hand break to start working after a big high tide and 2-3m swell. It actually took till about 4 hours after high for it to start to shape up properly, and by then most of the size had gone with it. For a look at the waves earlier in the morning, have a look at this post by Paul Blackley on the Wight Surf History website.

So, with a few hours to kill, i had a little walk around the bay with the Sigma 50-500mm on and shot a few random moments, including an unknown SUP who paddled out at the height of the tide and proceeded to have a bit of fun in the backwash. The thing about surf photography is that with a bit of skill and a bit of luck you can make any day look quite good, but however enticing these waves look for surfers, believe me the reality was a frustrating backwashy experience of short rides and close-outs. Having said that, if you’ve not had a surf in ages, even that can be fun when the sun is shining and you’ve got the place to yourself.

I also took a few shots of the left hand break on the other side of Freshwater Bay, and again you might be tempted seeing the pics, the shape is good at times, but again the reality is a disappointing take off and close-out for 99% of the time.




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