It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally got around to making a new surfing photo blog to share. The last one was posted back in April, with the final winter swell exploding on our shores, dramatically captured in a series i dubbed the ‘big tuesday‘ blogs.

Nothing quite as exciting to kick off the new surfing season of Autumn swells, but you’ve got to start somewhere, and it’s back to Freshwater Bay for a stormy afternoon session of big wind-swell (and a little groundswell mixed in) after a big blow up the channel earlier in the day. A handful of the usual suspects ventured out, Ian Pacey, Joe Butchers and Joe Publik Borninabarn to name a few of the early adopters, and it got a bit busier as the afternoon went on.

This doesn’t mean that this October session was the first Autumn swell, I can remember at least three decent pulses of super-clean long range groundswell in September, and I surfed them all, this is just the first time i managed to get the camera out after a really busy summer of event, commercial and wedding photography.

Autumn swells surfing photo gallery.



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