I suppose it had to happen, the long flat spell had to come to balance out the longest run of quality surf any of us could remember. Well normality is restored, we have all been reminded that we dont actually live in hawaii, freshwater bay isnt just like J-bay and forget those solid groundswells, sloppy windswell is on the cards again as the winter low pressure systems say goodbye for another year (i do know that while i’m typing this, we are finally forecast to see some swell in the coming days, but i dont want to jinx it by counting on it, so i’m pretending its not going to happen).

*update…. All i had to do was have a moan and the waves came 🙂 nice swell the last few days!

The only plus side i can see is that i’ve got a lot more work done in the last few weeks, and ons of the things i’ve achieved is (get ready for the shameless plug 🙂 setting up a spring promotion on my www.jasonswain.co.uk website where you can purchase any of the surfing or wave prints from my galleries.

Get 25% off all photo products (prints, cards, canvases etc) in my spring promotion.
Use the coupon code ‘SPRUNG’ at the checkout to get your discount! The offer runs to the end of May 2010.

A few examples of how the prints look when framed…