South coast surfers spend long flat summer days dreaming of September swells arriving from far-off tropical storms and hurricanes, this year they arrived right on time! A lovely long range groundswell made its way up the channel yesterday (2nd Sept) and built through today (3rd Sept), fingers crossed it keeps coming for the weekend!

It’s the first solid swell since i got the Canon 7d, so as well as enjoying some proper waves myself, i made sure to hang around and take lots of photos too. The first two batches are shot into the early evening sun, so at times all i got was shimmering silhouettes (which is why i went for a few monochrome shots edited in Lightroom) but every now and then i got a little back-lit beauty too.

There’s a few shots of Joe Truman making the most of it and finding a little shade on a warm sunny afternoon.

Part Two (more from 2nd Sept) and parts 3 & 4 (more from 3rd Sept) will follow as soon as i get time to upload and look through all the shots i took (so maybe when the swell is over?)