September Swells by Jason Swain.

September Swells

“It’s a cliche with Isle of Wight surfers, but every year we wait through endless long summer months of flat seas and occasional onshore days of wind-slop, dreaming of the September swells arriving to unload our shores. Created by tropical storms and hurricanes far away on the other side of the Atlantic, they promise lovely big clean groundswells breaking on the replenished sandbanks that have been building all summer long. And all whilst the water is still warm enough to have summer wetsuits on and no boots, hoods or gloves. This week on the Isle of Wight, at Compton Bay, we finally got a proper September Session and for a little while, it was just as good as the dream.”

This is pretty much just a re-hash of what i just wrote for the September Sessions blog post two days ago, but instead of a pretty arty sunset shot, this one has some actual photos of the surfing. Reading what i wrote and looking at the photos, you might wonder what i’m on about as the waves dont look that impressive, but they were taken an hour or so after the swell had peaked and was dropping of quickly with the outgoing tide, I was lucky enough to be in the water surfing when they were at their best and the sets were 50% bigger than the best ones shown below.

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