It goes without saying that O’Neill is one of the most recognisable surf brands out there-they’ve built their reputation up into possibly the most well-known suppliers of quality suits, used the world over. So why are they so popular?

Firstly most O’Neill suits have firewall insulation and double neck seals, which greatly aid in keeping you dry and comfortable in the water and help to stop ‘flushing’ in the neck area. Most are made out of surperstretch neoprene as well, for maximum flexibility-you need to be agile and unrestricted in your movements in the water, and suits like the Epic and Hammer really help to let you stay mobile. The technology and development that goes into the suits at O’Neill is unmatched; the ‘Technobutter’ neoprene is lighter and more water-resistant (30% more so than earlier types) and innovations continue to be made by the team. Perhaps the most impressive suit so far is the psycho 2-the new double-sealed seams keep water out without sacrificing flexibility like the old suits used to; due to new neoprene and a reduced Fluid Seam Weld width (which allows the material to stretch more) ensuring new standards of warmth and flexibility.

Durability and comfort in particular key zones is an important consideration for O’Neill as well. The Epic has a specially-designed lumbar flex panel to support and protect the lower back, and additionally has ergonomic knee panels to protect your knees whilst offering the all-important movement, without added bulk.

Aside from the obvious surfing advantages, most suits now come with additional key pockets for storage, so you don’t have to worry as much about the storage of valuables while you’re enjoying yourself on the surf. O’Neill suits are no exception; they have hidden pockets so that you can store your valuables without compromising on looks or style in the process.

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Francis Gabriel-Freelance Writer and Journalist