One last wave before the sun goes down by Jason Swain. Taken from last nights photo-shoot with WightPod at Freshwater Bay. The subject is my mate Ian Pacey catching one last wave before the sun finally disappeared over the horizon. There were tricky shooting condtions as the light faded, but it was helped by me breaking the habit of a lifetime and finally using my tripod with the big telephoto lens and staying in one place on the beach rather than running around on the reef itself. Shot using the Sigma 50-500mm lens on a Canon 6d body, exif data = f/6.3 at 1/200 and ISO200. My first time using the big zoom on the 6D rather than the 7D, no final verdict yet, its still early days, i love the 6d so far, but i think i might stick with the 7D for this sort of thing because the crop sensor gives that extra reach and turns the 500mm into something more like 800mm.

One last wave before the sun goes down…, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

One last wave before the sun goes down...

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