Tuesday 27th October (pm) – Finally a solid bit of groundswell hits the isle of wight, depending on what forecast you look at it was called at 3ft-16 seconds or 4.5ft-15 seconds. I’d say the bigger set waves were closer to 4-5ft and you could definitely feel the long wave period when one hit you on the head. The SE winds were less than perfect tho, and although they did make for some interesting take-offs, I saw a lot more close-outs than long rides today!

Manged to grab a few shots (see thumbnails below) whilst waiting for the tide and before going in myself at Compton Bay, dont have the right kit for shooting there, when you are so far from the action, my 300mm sigma lens not really getting the clarity i’d like at that distance (the 10mm was great for a panoramic shot though!)

Wednesday 28th October (am) – Away from the crowds this morning, and much better shaped waves with the wind dropping off completely for a glassy dawn patrol and still some solid head high sets pushing through. No camera this morning, just surfing.

Thursday 29th October (am) – Swell dropping off now, but still a lovely longboard wave this morning, sets mostly waist to chest high, but with no wind and the banks just right where we surfed  there were some lovely ‘glassy peelers’ (old skool surf speak for long clean waves that broke just right for surfing). No camera again this morning, just surfing.