Following up the earlier blog celebrating the final days of Autumn 2014, where we had almost a whole week of clean surf on the south-west of the Isle of Wight. Here’s the photos i hadn’t had the time to really look at first time round. This selection is maybe not as immediately eye-catching as the first, but I know as a surfer if you were out there you’d like to see a few more just to mind-surf those waves one more time.

Majority of photos shot at at the beach break of Compton Bay (Hanover point car park end) during the last hour of daylight on the Saturday afternoon when the November swell had maybe already peaked but was still a very good size and shape to the wave. Then a few more from the Sunday afternoon when the best had definitely passed us by, but there was still some residue swell and a fun little wave to be had for those who hadn’t had enough or had missed the day before (and also some great clouds!)

November Swell Surf photo gallery (part two)

All the action shots captured with the Sigma 50-500mm telephoto lens on a Canon 6d camera body, and the wider images captured with the Sigma 12-24mm super-wide angle lens on the same body.  Click on any image to start the slideshow and view the exif data on each pic.

Anyone wanting to order pics can do so from the surf gallery on my website  and if you use the promo code fbxmas30 before the end of December 2014 you’ll get 30% of prints etc. If you want a print thats not on that site, just email me and i’ll sort it out.
(I think the last shipping date for prints to arrive before Xmas is Dec 15th). 



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