It’s been a classic week of beautiful waves here on the Isle of Wight, and i never managed to get wet even once, and managed about 15 mins in total having a look one day on the way to get more nappies. Its hard to explain to any non-surfers, but its an almost physical pain at missing out on epic surf at my home break. But i still wouldn’t change a thing and love William to bits (even at his most shoutiest) and i’m consoling myself that there will be more waves.. someday.

Having a little bit of online time today to help restore a bit of sanity and normality, and i’ve found an old surf shot from the archives to ease my pain. It’s also another catch up on work for Getty, on the theme of the UK coastline.

I’ve still got to get some william shots off my camera but promise to do that in the next quiet time.

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