Isle of Wight Surf Forecast

Surf forecasting remains a complex and inaccurate science, especially here on the Isle of Wight and the rest of the South Coast east of Bantham. So I did have my doubts about including an “Isle of Wight Surf Forecast” page on the site at all. There are still plenty of people who wish all these internet forecasts would just disappear and we’d be back to the days of making our own forecasts, based on the Isobar charts we managed to catch on Sunday mornings “Countryfile weather for the week ahead” and honed with years of experience from surfing our local breaks.

Isle of Wight Surf ForecastBut even though they are not always popular, and they are definitely not always right (thank god, it is still possible to find a mystery swell midweek and have a few waves to yourself). Today’s surf forecasts are not too bad either, and they can actually save a lot of wasted car trips to the beach. So you could say it might help save the planet (ok, only in a very small way). Anyway a few people have requested I add one, so here’s the surf forecast for the Isle of Wight…. as supplied by the good people over at magicseaweed (and subject to all their normal disclaimers about it only being a forecast etc etc… so dont blame me if you make a wasted trip, you should have studied your isobars too!)

Isle of Wight Surf Forecast for Compton Bay