By Jason Swain

I’ve been looking back through recent archives (2012) and have found another composition i like from the Isle of Wight SUP (stand-up paddle board) shoot in April at Compton Bay. It was taken back on a gloriously sunny and warm spring evening at the beach, I was using the sigma 50-500mm telephoto lens on the Canon 7d and shooting into the sun to get a shimmering sea effect and to make silhouettes of the  paddle-boarders. I then did a bit of post production in photoshop, using a couple of flypaper textures to add warmth and texture to the scene. (Click here to visit Flypaper Textures.)

The pond skimmers reference is because the tiny silhouetted figures remind me of the insects that use surface tension to skate across ponds.

Isle of Wight SUP – Pond skimmers, originally uploaded by s0ulsurfing.

Isle of Wight SUP

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