Wetsuits for summer and winter

When it comes to choosing the perfect wetsuit, there are so many things to consider and look for in a design that’s it’s easy to get confused as to which one is best for you.

Veterans of the wave will know that when you’re looking for a suit, factors like comfort, flexibility, manoeuvrability and a streamlined design are all important for successful surfing. The same can be said for the thermal properties of a wetsuit; after all, if you’re a British surfer who’s used to icy seas, finding a design that provides effective thermal regulation to maintain body temperature is of the utmost importance.

Surfing can be an expensive hobby, so the last thing surfers want is more expenditure on two suits to use as the weather changes. This guide has been created to offer passionate surfers some advice about choosing a suit that’s suitable for summer and winter.

Going Sleeveless

When it comes to deciding whether to opt for sleeves or sleeveless, there isn’t necessarily a correct answer.

Choosing a sleeveless suit, like this one from Millet Sports, means that your arms will be less restricted and in turn, able to power you faster through the water. However, having your arms covered by the streamlined rubber of a suit also means that you’ll be able to move your arms faster through the water, so it’s a bit of a catch-22 and depends on what you feel most comfortable in.

With regards to summer use, going sleeveless may seem like the most logical solution to keeping cool; but in reality, having your arms free won’t do much to reduce your core temperature, which the body of your wetsuit will seal in.

If you’re looking for a suit to use in summer and winter, we say go with sleeves.

It’s all in the material

wetsuitWhen you’re searching for a suit that’s suitable for all seasons, direct your focus to the material which suits are made from, rather than how much skin is exposed. The best designs incorporate materials that release body heat when you’re too warm and lock it in when temperatures plummet, ideal for durable wear.

Triathlon wetsuits, available to buy online from ActivInstinct, are made from high-tech materials and are designed to regulate athlete’s body temperatures in open water, so they’re perfect for surfers.


(Invest in one, full-body suit to serve you well for summer and winter surfing)

Second to your board, a wetsuit is the most important piece of equipment that a surfer or boarder can own. Aside from keeping you warm and safe, a decent suit is going to increase your speed in the water and help you to catch those waves.

For this reason, it’s important that you invest wisely in a quality suit, rather than the cheaper options which will reduce your surfing experience and invariably need replacing after a shorter period of time.