It’s been a while since i’ve blogged anything, and about a year since there’s been a proper Isle of Wight Surf photo blog on the site. Loads of reasons, too busy working, surfing instead of taking pics whenever we had a swell, a bit of SUPing during the summer, posting pics to Facebook being a lot easier and quicker, there’s a long list, but anyway, here’s a new one with photos from the swell that peaked on Friday 16th December 2016 at Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight.

There were some waves the day before, and still some lovely waves on the Saturday morning afterwards, but Friday was probably the bigger day all round. Of course there were plenty of other spots working up and down the coast apart from Freshwater but it was closer and more fun to shoot there, so thats what i’ve got, Friday at the Bay.

I had the camera out with me on Friday as the best alternative to surfing, because i’d done something to my shoulder surfing day before. There was nothing special about the waves and no particular reason for an injury, but paddling was painful and I struggled to get my wetsuit off afterwards it hurt so much. Pretty bad timing to do that the day before the first really good day of the winter season, but I woke on Friday with one good arm and a quick check of the wave bouys (16ft at 12 seconds) confirmed both arms would be required out there, so taking pictures was the best I could do with the situation.

All photos shot with the Sigma 50-500mm telephoto lens on a Canon 6d, click on any image to start the slideshow.

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