The Surf Jimmy review by Jason Swain. Sometimes an idea is so simple and so clever you kick yourself for not thinking of it yourself, i think i’ll have to put the easy-on surf Jimmy in that Category. It’s one of those things that at first glance you wonder what the fuss is about, at second glance you think “i’ll just keep on using an old plastic bag thanks” and its only after using one on a cold morning struggling into a cold wet wetsuit that the real genius becomes clear.

What is it? Well i did say it was simple, and The Surf Jimmy is a new product that helps you get your wetsuit on easier and faster. Similar to condoms, this reusable product helps you get that glide every surfer wants when slipping into a wetsuit. Made out of a strong, smooth sailing material, just slip our product onto your legs and arms and slide right into your wetsuit.

In many ways its similar to something else i’ve reviewed in the past for soul-surfing, the wax-buddy, in that its not exactly revolutionary, but it does just make life that little bit easier, and does the job better than any other solution i currently know of. Designed by surfers, for surfers, it makes putting on a wetsuit easy and fast. And the best part? It’s washable and reusable – even condoms can’t do that.

I was sent a box to try out and share with other surfers by Rasmus from easy-on surfing, and so far all of the feedback i’ve had from isle fo wight surfers has been really positive, and i think its something that will really come into its own and be extra useful the colder the weather gets, because every minute counts when you’re getting suited up in England on a freezing february morning with an ice cold easterly numbing your bits.

See below for pictures and a vid of how it works, and you can visit the website to get your own, or if you’re lucky you might see me in the car park before i’ve given out all of the ones i have left.

surf jimmy instruction





surf jimmy instruction









And finally here’s a little video demonstration of how the easy-on surf Jimmy works!