(I could have gone with the alternative title = How a dislocated thumb probably saved me from snapping a longboard and/or having a near-death drowning experience đŸ™‚

Photos from the morning of Wednesday the 18th April at Freshwater Bay from Charlie Cripwell and Paul Blackley when the wave bouys were showing something like 15ft with a nice long wave period (14-16 seconds).

Photos (taken by me) from lunchtime on Wednesday the 18th at Compton Bay when there were very few takers for the heavy closeouts (the wave bouys were still showing around 12ft and 13 seconds at this stage)

And finally a few photos (by Charlie Cripwell) from lunchtime the next day (Thursday the 19th April) when the swell was in the ‘cinderella’ zone for Compton, with everything just about right.

Zero wind combined with wave bouy readings of 7ft at 10 seconds translated to a much more mellow experience and seriously fun glassy waves somewhere around the shoulder to head-high range.

Pics of me with my thumb gaffer taped to my fingers to stop it from becoming dislocated again!

My photos were shot with a Canon 6d II with the 70-200 f2.8L lens and a 2x extender

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