Before HerculesBefore Hercules by Jason Swain. We’ve had such a run of storms and swell lately that they are tending to all merge into one, but this one was easier to remember as it was the last swell to hit the Isle of Wight before ‘Hercules’ arrived. An early morning session at Freshwater Bay during a very brief lull in the wind (after an amazing sunrise). Not the greatest waves (still some cross-shore wind on it) or the greatest light, but there were some chunky set waves, and a few of the local boys were having fun surfing and I enjoyed taking the photos! Look out for a few late drops. some rad turns, the odd wipeout and a blatant drop-in.

All shot handheld with the Sigma 50-500mm telephoto lens on a Canon 6D whilst balancing on a wet rock in the cabbage patch. Click on a photo to launch the gallery where you can see bigger versions and read the exif data.

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