Another day and another decent swell at Freshwater Bay by Jason Swain. It’s always a struggle thinking of new themes and titles for these surfing photo blogs, especially when they are pretty much always about the same thing (surfing on the Isle of Wight) but todays job was made a little easier when I saw Al Reed getting out of the water with a bit of surfboard in each hand.

Sad end for a good board, but hopefully there will be a tiny bit of consolation that he got some nice waves on its last outing and i managed to catch a few moments on film for him. I’ve snapped a few myself at the bay over the years so I know the feeling, and I wish I at least had a few photos to show for it.

All photos shot with the Sigma 5o-500mm telephoto lens on a Canon 6d camera body, and my favourite shots of the session were taken right out on the cabbage patch pretty close to the low-tide take off spot.

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