Adventure sports are out, babies are in…. Well not entirely, i’m definitely not getting rid of my surfboards anytime soon, but i do have a baby on the way (ok my partner does) and we need to make space and cash for prams and all the other crap that comes with new babies.

So, i’m selling a few things that have been hanging around in the garage gathering dust, and they all vaguely relate to my surfing life so i thought it was worth a blog on the soul-surfing website!

The mountain board is a lot of fun, and it got lots of use several summers ago when we had no waves for ages and i needed to have ‘that feeling’. Unfortunately i dont have the time these days and i’m also getting a bit old to shrug off the inevitable bruises that come with having something thats so much fun to play with. The tiki bag has made one surf trip to North Devon, and i’ve since traded in the board that lived in it,  so the bag is no longer required, but i could do with having a slightly bigger bag for my 7’6″ mini-mal, so will part-ex if that is offered.

These are all listed on wightbay too, so follow the links if you want to get in touch that way, otherwise just email me via or leave a comment on this blog.

****UPDATE 02/11/2010 ALL SOLD*****
All sold now via ebay within a week, after no interest from wightbay, pretty much the same story every time i sell stuff really, shame, i’ve brought things on wightbay often, but it just seems to be so slow these days.

Scrub Mountain Board (MTB) – Furnace Creek SOLD

Quality manufacturer Mountain/Kiteboard by Scrub (with leash).

This is an excellent quality make mountain board, thats now in very used condition thats been abandoned in my garage un-used for a few years. As you would expect from a used board there is some cosmetic damage consisting of the odd scuff, scrape and chip. The truck springs and toe binding post bolts have rusted and they will require new bolts/nuts. The tyres have good tread, but one of them doesn’t hold pressure for very long (lasted long enough for a days riding last time i used it tho), so a new inner tube maybe required.

So to sum up, a once excellent quality board that requires attention to get it fully functioning again, but when new the board was about £200, so its a bargain at £40.


Full set of protective gear suitable for mountain board, MTB riding or skating, SOLD

Anarchy pro pads – triple pad set (elbow, knee, wrists) was £30, in decent used condition (mostly visible on the wrist protectors which have lots of scratches)

Scrub Body armour (size medium) was £50 in as new condition

Stateside skates black helmet (size medium) conforms to EN1078 safety standard (never been banged was £30 in as new condition)

Roces protective padded shorts (was £30 in as new condition)

Cost about £140 new, buy the whole lot now for £50


As new – Tiki Tripper 6mm Surf Board Bag – 7’3″ (Genuinely used just once!) SOLD

40 years of surfing have given Tiki a pretty good idea of what is needed and what works in terms of surf board bags. Tiki are always conscious of keeping function at the heart of their products, and all Tiki Boardbags have been tried, tested and approved by surfers all over the world. The Tiki Tripper surfboard Bag is a lightweight boardbag designed for day trips and everyday use. The Tripper is sure to keep your precious board protected from dings, dents and damaging UV rays every day.

  • Fits Boards up to 7’3″ in Length
  • 6mm Padding
  • PE Silver Lined
  • Provides Ding Protection and UV Shielding
  • Tail Protector
  • Roof Rack Loops
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Plastic Zip Sliders

I recently sold my short-board, so no longer need this bag, Cost £50 new, will accept less than half price at £20 or will consider part-exchange with a 7’8″ or longer.